Carys Chapwyrd

In this post, I develop one of the PCs, specifically the older sister Carys Chapwyrd. In most games I have played, the smaller the group of PCs, the more important warriors are so I figured that Carys would be primarily a warrior with some outdoor skills to round her out.I will be using the system for fantasy journeys here so outdoor skills will matter a lot. By the way, her picture is generated using the astounding Heromachine.

I had originally imagined Carys as being part of some county patrol, traveling the region and helping where needed, but the corrupt sheriff stretches this a bit. I decide Carys is a county patroller, but the sheriff is not interested in patrolling. His efforts are focused on the town and enforcing taxes and fees, so the county patrol operate separately and only barely with his blessing.  Carys trained to fight and move about the countryside, she carries a bastard sword and is proficient both one handed and two.

She has the sense that her job does not really make a difference, unfortunately, and she has a personal plot of improving life in the Wash by somehow getting the sheriff to change, or by taking him out of power. I plan on using the plot system from Collaborative Gamer.

It is worth noting that in my eagerness to get to adventuring, I did not spend much time generating these characters, so there are no doubt weaknesses.

Stat Choices

As a warrior she needs DX so I put 60 points there. She needs ST 11 to use a bastard sword one handed, but I went with 20 points in ST for good measure. I also put 10 points in HT and 4 toward extra HP to aid survivability. Points in IQ would be nice, but are expensive, so I settled on 5 points toward Will. I feel like I will regret Per 10, but that is life.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Combat reflexes is as close to an automatic pick as GURPS gets, especially for a warrior and Fit seemed in character. I gave her a Duty to the county patrol and sense of duty to companions. I imagine her as pretty straightforward and not very subtle so I took Easy to Read. Acrophobia was because I never have played a character with a phobia before and that seemed like one that would come up, but not constantly. I gave her good control over it, though because otherwise she would be paralyzed with fear too often.


I gave her a basic outdoor skill set: navigation, survival, climbing and so forth. I wanted some combat flexibility so she got both broadsword and shield and two handed sword, with crossbow for range.  She got some military skills for flavor and a couple miscellaneous useful skills.


Most of the money goes into a thrusting bastard sword. It is a luxury for sure, but it is the central feature of her character. She can afford a crossbow as well and a buckler. She only gets a mail shirt and a pot helm, which will no doubt need to be supplemented with limb armor as soon as possible, and then some other items for day to day life. She manages light encumberance, so she stays relatively nimble and could still dodge (as a last resort of course).

Other thoughts

That is all for this character: her job is to get the team to the adventure site and beat up enemies. That I believe she can do, although her outdoor skills are not really high enough to rely on. I have a hard time with perks and quirks so they are blank for now. The full(ish) character sheet is below:

Carys Chapwyrd

Sister of Bastian, freelance patrolwoman

ST 12 [20]    HP 14 [4]

DX 13 [60]    Per 10

IQ 10              Will 11 [5]

HT 11 [10]     FP 11

Basic Speed 6.00, Basic Move 6.00


Combat Reflexes [15], Fit [5]



Easy to Read [-10], Sense of Duty: Friends and Companions [-5], Duty: County Patrol (Fr 9) [-5], Acrophobia (CR 15) [-5]


Outdoors Skills

Climbing 12 [4], Fishing 11 [2], Hiking 11 [2], Navigation (Land) 11 [4], Survival (Woods) 11 [4], Swimming 12 [2]

Combat Skills

Brawling 14 [2], Broadsword 15 [8], Crossbow 15 [4], Fast-Draw (Sword) 15 [1], Shield (Buckler) 15 [4], Two-Handed Sword 14 [4], Wrestling 13 [2]

Military Skills

Armoury (Melee Weapons) 9 [1], Armoury (Missile Weapons) 9 [1], Soldier 10 [2], Tactics 9 [2]

Miscellaneous Skills

Carousing 11 [1], First Aid 10  [1], Forced Entry 13 [1], Savoir Faire (Lawmen) 10 [1], Stealth 11 [2]


On Body

Thrusting Bastard Sword (750 sp, 5 lb)

[1h sw 1d+3 cut, th 1d+1 imp] [2h sw 1d+4 cut, th 1d+2 imp]

Crossbow (ST12) (175 sp, 6 lb, 1d+2 imp)

Small Buckler (40 sp, 8 lb)

Mail Shirt (150 sp, 16 lb 4/2 DR)

Pot Helm (100sp, 5 lb, 4 DR)

Shoes (40 sp, 2lb)

20 Bolts in case (60 sp, 1 lb)

Total Weight 43 lbs (Light Encumberance)


Small Pack (60 sp 3lb)

Fishhooks and Line (50 sp)

Rope 3/8” 10yds (5 sp, 1.5 lb)

Tent 1-man (50sp, 5 lb)

Blanket (20 sp, 4 lb)

Backpack Weight 14 lb

Grand total Weight 57 lb (Light Encumberance)


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