Bastian Chapwyrd

In this post, I develop The second main PC: the younger brother, Bastian Chapwyrd. My plan for him is to be about half priest, half warrior so he can hold his own in standard combat but also help deal with evil threats and the eventual need to heal. By the way, his picture is generated using the astounding Heromachine.

Bastian grew up with Carys, but instead of joining the county patrol, turned toward spiritual matters. Of the two, Carys was more adventurous and Bastian more studious. He was trained as a priest by the old man who ran the village church and he spent his time caring for the small congregation. He also trained to fight (it is a dangerous world) although not as well as his sister.

He needs a personal plot, so I decide that before the old priest died, he told Bastian of a relic which was once housed in the church. As a result Bastian has a personal plot to find it and return it to the church.

Important Game Design Decision

As I said in the mission, I don’t have the Dungeon Fantasy line, so I am making up some of my own thing here. I do have Powers and so I decide that magic in my world will be based on Powers instead of the Basic spell system. Thus, Bastian will have a Divine power.

Stat Choices

As a priest, Bastian needs some IQ, so I put 40 points there. I want him to be a competent fighter as well, since the small group won’t give him anywhere to hide. I put 20 points in DX and 10 points in ST. I am unsure about another IQ point, but I put 5 points into Will to give him an extra edge.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Combat reflexes again since it is so efficient and he is a trained fighter. Clerical Investment with Religious Rank 0 seems to fit a young priest. I gave him a sense of duty toward co-religionists so that he talks his priest role seriously. Mild Insomnia gives him an interesting disadvantage and a little background flavor. Part of what led him to religion was his insomnia: when he could not sleep, he read the scriptures. A good cleric should have a Vow and I picked temperance which doesn’t restrict him in combat but might have social issues and makes him seem serious and devout.

Power (Divine)

The key features of fantasy clerics in my mind are healing and power against undead and demons. So I pick Healing and True Faith. To keep costs down, he cannot yet cure diseases and his healing is capped at 2FP. I would like the Turning version of True Faith, but he can hopefully buy that down the line.


He gets the ever so delightful and ever so cliche mace and shield build plus a crossbow for range. I gave him a bunch of religious themed skills, a couple of outdoor skills and some miscellaneous skills.


A small mace is pretty cheap, so he can invest in extra protection like a medium shield and studded leather skirt. He goes for light scale and a pot helm as well. He also picks up a hatchet as a tool and back up weapon. Medium encumberance slows him down, but it can’t be helped.

Other thoughts

His role is to help fight and use healing to keep the other PC(s) alive. He has some useful religious skills to deal with wards and certain enemies as well. I have a hard time with perks and quirks so they are blank for now. The full(ish) character sheet is below:

Bastian Chapwyrd

Brother of Carys, young warrior priest

ST 11 [10]    HP 11

DX 11 [20]   Per 12

IQ 12 [40]    Will 13 [5]

HT 10            FP 10

Basic Speed 5.25, Basic Move 5.00


Combat Reflexes [15], Clerical Investment [5]

Powers (Divine)[-10%]

Healing(Faith Healing, Injuries only, 2FP cap) [20], True Faith [14]



Vow (Temperance) [-5], Sense of Duty: Co-Religionists [-10], Insomniac (Mild) [-10]


Outdoors Skills

Climbing 10 [1], Hiking 10 [2], Riding 10 [1], Swimming 10 [1]

Combat Skills

Axe/Mace 13 [8], Brawling 12 [2], Crossbow 12 [2], Shield (Shield) 12 [2], Wrestling 10 [1]

Religious Skills

Exorcism 12 [2], Hidden Lore (Demons) 11 [1], Meditation 11 [1], Religious Ritual 12 [4], Savoir Faire (Clergy) 12 [1], Theology 10 [1]

Miscellaneous Skills

Cartography 12 [2], Diplomacy 12 [4], First Aid 13 [2], Gardening 12 [1], Observation 12 [2], Psychology 11 [2], Public Speaking 12 [2], Stealth 10 [1]


On Body

Small Mace (35 sp, 3 lb, 1d+3 cr)
Crossbow (170 sp, 6 lb, 1d+3 imp)
Hatchet (40 sp, 2 lb, 1d+1 cut)
Medium Shield (60 sp, 15 lb)
Light Scale Armor (150 sp, 15 lb, 3DR)
Studded Leather Skirt (60 sp, 4 lb, 3DR)
Pot Helm (100sp, 5 lb, 4 DR)
Shoes (40 sp, 2lb)
Holy Symbol (50 sp, 1 lb)
20 Bolts in case (60 sp, 1 lb)
Total Weight 54 lbs (Medium Encumberance)


Small Pack (60 sp 3lb)
Rope 3/8” 10yds (5 sp, 1.5 lb)
Tent 1-man (50sp, 5 lb)
Blanket (20 sp, 4 lb)
Bandages (2 sp)
Lantern (20 sp, 2 lb)
Oil (20 sp, 1 lb)
Backpack Weight 16.5 lb

Grand Total Weight 70.5 lb (Medium Encumberance)


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