Super Campaign Background

This is a background piece for my Super campaign that I am providing to my players (who are reading it here). Feel free to comment on what you think is cool or not cool. 

History of Super Powers

(at least what is common knowledge)

The first public superhero began operating in New York City in 2003. There had been reports of people with strange powers for years, but nothing confirmed or widely believed. However, when a 20-something woman single-handedly ended a massive police standoff with organized crime in an old warehouse, there was no doubt. Multiple cameras and witnesses saw her get shot multiple times with no apparent effect, move with inhuman strength and speed, and knock people down without touching them. The public called her Superwoman. She has appeared multiple times since then, saving people from disasters and overwhelming criminals. Her identity has never been discovered and she remains something of a mystery, but she marks the beginning of the super-hero era. Continue reading “Super Campaign Background”

A New Direction

If you have been following this blog, you know I haven’t published in a long time. This is because blogging is time-consuming and I have been doing other things. I want to return to my solo campaign, but I don’t have the time right now for a number of reasons.

The main reason is that I am going to be GMing a traditional campaign (the kind with other people) and doing two RPG things at once is doomed to fail. The bright side of it is that you will be able to read about this new campaign now, so don’t be sad.

It is a super hero campaign with 6 total players (I estimate 3-4 per session). It is set in modern day with a points limit of 500. None of them have played GURPS before, so I wrote their characters based on their descriptions and feedback.

The first official session is this weekend. Wish me luck!

Making Random Wizards Part 2: Magic Innate Attacks (Ice, Poison, and More)

This is a continuation of the work I started here.

Technically, I should use costs FP and other modifiers, but I think it is easier to track (ease matters) if I make it Limited Use. Afterall, the thing that matters is how many times in this encounter can the wizard hit me with this thing? Continue reading “Making Random Wizards Part 2: Magic Innate Attacks (Ice, Poison, and More)”

Reflection on Session 6

Overall, a fun session for me. It was good to get back into it. Here are some thoughts:

  • The elves were not that powerful for peril 3. I need to start incorporating minor powers into some of my made up encounters.
  • Carys really felt like a combat master this session, she was dispatching foes left and right even while outnumbered.
  • It was fun to see our enemy finally show up and cause trouble. It ended up being Mireya who sidelined Bastian with a broken arm.
  • The kusari is a good weapon for a recurring enemy since she can fight on the outskirts of the main combat and run when things turn against her.
  • Low level archers are not very effective.
  • The treasure tables have a lot of randomness in them, particularly the coin results. You can get thousands of coins or just a few. I think it is by design, and it keeps things interesting, but I had a number of good rolls last time and made a lot of money.
  • With 5 character points, it is time for Carys to buy Perception on the way to growing her IQ.
  • Right now I am thinking about adding two new PCs: a rogue/thief and a wizard. The thief would need some combat ability. I still am unsure exactly how I want the wizard to look.
  • Most likely, I will be doing that instead of a session this week, but we’ll find out.

As always, thanks for reading. Let me know what you think.

Session 6

In the last session, the siblings killed two more bandits and explored more of the ruined fort that the bandits have been using as a base of operations. At the end, they had just gone down a staircase into an underground area and dispatched the bandit who ambushed them there. They have three hands for bounty and a bunch of other stuff too. What else will they find? Continue reading “Session 6”

Making Random Wizards Part 1: Magic Innate Attacks (Fire and Lightning)

One of the hardest types of enemies to create and play are enemy wizards. You have to choose a bunch of spells and typically have many choices to make while playing them. Certainly playing without a GM makes this even harder, and yet evil wizards are such a staple of the fantasy genre that we can not exclude them. I plan to work out a serviceable, random wizard generator for use with GM-less play. I will base it on the peril system from The Collaborative Gamer.

Today, I focus on the simplest and flashiest part of a wizard’s arsenal: the innate attack. Continue reading “Making Random Wizards Part 1: Magic Innate Attacks (Fire and Lightning)”

Reflection on Session 5

Session 5 was cut a little short and so there was not that much done.

  • The fight with the bandit with the flail went on comically long. In retrospect, Carys should have been feinting more; she could expect to succeed by 5 on average and the bandit would only just succeed.
  • The end of fights typically has the two siblings standing over a fallen foe and stabbing (or bashing) them repeatedly. It is certainly effective, but perhaps not the most heroic look.
  • I didn’t mention it in session, but the siblings are up to three severed hands for their bounty collection.
  • One of the things that isn’t clear in a bounty adventure is, what is the “goal” in the dungeon. Normally that is the target monster or treasure or lore or something. Should I say the goal is just a large group of bandits?
  • Related to that, I am not sure how to judge when this is over. The dungeon could go on and on and there could always be more bandits. Right now I plan to go until the siblings need to leave, and then call it good.
  • This has been a very treasure-rich dungeon. Sometimes the randomness favors you.
  • The bandit with the dagger had no chance, I should have given him a sword or something.
  • It is a little odd at the end, when the level change turns out to be “not what it seemed.” I took it to mean that it was ALSO a lair for enemies, but still a stairs down. Maybe it could have somehow not been a level change, but I could not figure out how that would work.

I am pleased with how things are going, but am always interested in other thoughts. Let me know what you think.