Mission Statement

I describe my plans.


This blog is designed to serve as a repository of sorts for my GURPS related activities. In many ways, this is a fan site for The Collaborative Gamer, whose system for playing GURPS without a GM has been a great inspiration to me. Initially, at least, this blog will focus on my use of his system to have adventures. I plan to include both summaries of play and also my thoughts and experiences using his system.

The first few posts will have a little background on my plan, but I do not intend to waste much time. And thus…

The system presented on The Collaborative Gamer is designed to play GURPS collaboratively without needing to have one player be the GM. There is a great series on that site already where the author runs a solo campaign with the character Temian Fell. Not knowing exactly how the system will work and not having a ready group, I will also be generating a solo adventure. To be clear, I am the only one playing the game, which I actually find quite relaxing since I used to play board games by myself as a kid all the time.

Still, although I am but one man, it would be more fun (and safe) to have multiple PCs. So I came up with a plan to have two main PCs who could be joined by others as fun or need dictated. For fun and flavor I decided to make them brother and sister, which explains how they know each other and why they travel together.

The genre is fantasy, for sure, but not exactly Dungeon Fantasy [DF] because I don’t have those books, great though they are. I am using only the Basic Set and Powers, which I feel makes things slightly more accessible and plain. I plan to use full combat rules, but will try to avoid tactical map play in order to speed things up. With a small number of PCs, I shouldn’t lose too much detail with this choice.

The PCs will be built on 150 points with a few disadvantages for flavor and such.

In case it is not obvious, parts of this blog will not make sense unless you are aware of The Collaborative Gamer and his system. You are welcome, though to ignore those aspects and think of this as simply a play report. You are even welcome to ignore the mechanical elements and think of it only as a story. If you are brave, you can ignore the narrative elements and think of it as a series of random words. Anything more than that, however, I think would be a mistake.

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