Reflection on Session 1

  • The system works pretty well and quickly. I was slow at first, moving from table to table and trying to make sure I did everything right, but I got much more used to it toward the end.
  • There is occasionally a little strangeness with some of the rolls when your Peril is very low. I mentioned that journey length and hazard damage rolls are such that at Peril 1, the Far Away and Nearby results are very close, and the trivial hazards do more damage than standard ones.
    • Really, this is a minor issue and just a fringe thing, but it does happen.
  • I did not anticipate how quickly the Peril could change. I am not sure how it is at higher character levels, but the jump from 2 to 4 was pretty scary.
  • A real outdoor specialist would help a lot, Carys is not cutting it.
  • It takes me much longer to write the report than to play the session. This is probably obvious to other bloggers, but was new to me.
  • There was no combat or dungeon this session, which I want to try out soon, but I like that the system makes a variety of challenges: not always just ‘go to dungeon, kill anything that moves’.
  • I decided to suppress the actual rolls. That is, I just say the roll failed instead of something like, ‘My skill is 11, but there is a -2 modifier so I need a 9 and roll a 14 so it fails.’ That level of mechanical detail is interesting sometimes, but requires a lot more record-keeping by me and takes longer.

I’d be curious to know your thoughts on Session 1. Did I do things correctly? How long do you think the siblings will survive? Anything you’d like more or less of in reports? Let me know if anything crosses your mind.

I am planning to post a session report right around Thursday, a reflection around Saturday, and some kind of small piece around Tuesday. Hopefully, I can settle into that kind of schedule. Best laid plans of mice and do oft gang aglee, though.


3 thoughts on “Reflection on Session 1”

  1. I enjoyed reading session 1. It will be interesting to see how the siblings fair in combat. I’ve wanted to try out Collaborative Gamer’s system myself for some a solo game, but haven’t found the time yet to do much more than play with the map generation system a bit. I look forward to reading more and although I do enjoy the mechanical details sometimes I can understand why you wouldn’t want to do more book keeping than you already are.


  2. I think it’s going well – and to my mind, you included a very appropriate amount of detail in the report. Writing it up takes long enough as it is!

    I’d never noticed that odd quirk where “trivial” hazards, at Peril 1, do slightly more damage than “standard” ones. That’s a design flaw on my part! Thanks for pointing that out (and in such a generous spirit) – it gives me an opportunity to fix it…


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