The Cast

This page summarizes everyone that has appeared in this adventure so far:

The Player Characters

All these characters are played by me:

Carys Chapwyrd: Skilled warrior, group navigator, and all around hero. Created here. Current Sheet here.

Bastian Chapwyrd: Brother of Carys, devout priest and insomniac. Created here. Current Sheet here.

The Non-Player Characters

These are also played by me in some sense.

Finneas Wainrunner: Aging thief, and the first person to employ our heroes. Appears in Session 1.

Mireya Anvilark: Androgynous repossession specialist, kusari twirler and enemy. Prevented from recovering the figurine in session 1, she is now a permanent enemy of our heroes. 75 points, FR 9.

Riona Hopewood: Associate of Finneas, foreign army veteran, and something of a fence. Pays our heroes in session 1 and sends them on a new task.

Zaniel Longerbrook: Attractive militia captain, maybe an old buddy of Riona’s, and somewhat taken with Carys. He wants nothing to do with Riona, but agrees to reconsider if we help him in session 2.

Unnamed Barbarian Leader: The heroes were hired to kill him by Zaniel in session 2. They do so with ease in session 3.


This is just a collection of monsters we met along the way.

The Ghoul: The first battle the heroes had. Ambushed the heroes in session 2, but was eventually cut down. Stat block here.

Displacer Beast: Driven back through its portal in Session 3, it is still unclear what its motives were. Stat block here.

Demon Spiders: Strange demonic guardians of the temple in Session 3. No stat block because they were placated using a religious ritual.

Adultery Demons: Relatively friendly demons who hunt down adulterers. The heroes met them in Session 3 and, not being adulterers, were left alone.

Dark Wolves: Just slightly tougher and meaner than normal wolves. The heroes fought two of them in the ruins in Session 4. Stat block here.