Gareth Blacksea

GarethIn this post, I develop the fourth main PC: a traveling wizard apprentice who seeks lost knowledge. He seeks out Carys for mysterious purposes, but proves a faithful and helpful companion (maybe). My plan for him is to be focused on magic and academic skills. Gareth has recently completed his studies with his master wizard and is now traveling about the world, learning what he can. He is interested in a side variety of intellectual pursuits and always wants to gain knowledge where he can. For an unknown reason, he decides to travel for a while with Carys, but is somewhat evasive about why. Is there something going on I don’t know about?

 Stat Choices

Being a studious wizard, I decided to push IQ since that covers a lot of ground. I also upped his HT to increase his FP for spellcasting.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Most of his advantages are in the form of Powers which I will address in a little bit. I wanted him to come across as a scholar out of his element a bit so I gave him clueless, oblivious and absent minded. Hopefully the others can keep an eye on him.


As I did before with Bastian, I build magic using Powers with the Magic Modifier instead of the Basic magic system. Since the powers are a bit complicated, I detail them here. Trivia note: they are all based on Level 1 magic spells from the Magic User list in the original AD&D Players Handbook.

Detect Magic: Detect (Magic) (Gestures [-10%], Words [-10%], Magic [-10%])  [7] – In this setting, detecting magic is not automatic, but can be done whenever the wizard wants.

Push: Innate Attack 4d cr (Beam, No Wounding [-50%], Double Knockback [+20%], Range Adjustment (25/50)[+0%] Takes Extra Time 1 [-10%], Gestures [-10%], Words [-10%], Costs Fatigue 1 [-5%], Magic [-10%] ) [5] – With some short preparation and energy, the wizard causes a powerful force to push a target.

Magic Missile: Innate Attack 2d cr (Projectile, Range Adjustment (25/50), Guided [+50%] Takes Extra Time 2 [-20%], Gestures [-10%], Words [-10%], Costs Fatigue 2 [-10%], Magic [-10%]) [9] – With a fair bit more time and energy, the wizard creates a magically guided missile to strike his foes.

Shield: Damage Resistance 4 (Forcefield [+20%], Frontal [-20%], Gestures [-10%], Words [-10%], Costs Fatigue 2 [-10%], Magic [-10%])  [12] – The wizard uses energy to form a shield in front of him to protect from harm. The spell costs 2 FP for the first minute and 1 FP each minute after that.

Spider Climb: Clinging (Gestures [-10%], Words [-10%], Costs Fatigue 2 [-10%], Magic [-10%]) [12] – This allows the wizard to move along any surface for a short period of time.

Charm Person: Mind Control [50] (Suggestion [-40%] Hearing Based [-20%] Gestures [-10%], Magic [-10%]) [10] – The wizard can manipulate others using his magical influence (it costs no FP because it is already at -80%)


For roleplay reasons (it is not the best idea in reality) Gareth is unarmored and carries a staff. He will not last long in a fight and needs protection. His skills are largely magical and scholarly, which fills some gaps in the group.


His equipment needs are very low.

Other thoughts

His role is to help with magical wards and so on, as well as use his magic to aid in combat and occasionally navigate obstacles. He certainly should try to avoid direct combat.

Gareth Darksea

Traveling wizard and easily distracted scholar.

ST 10           HP 10

DX 10          Per 14

IQ 14 [80]    Will 14

HT 12 [20]   FP 12

Basic Speed 5.5, Basic Move 5.00


Detect Magic[7], Push[5], Magic Missile [9], Shield [12], Spider Climb [12], Charm Person [10]



Absent Minded [-15], Clueless [-10], Oblivious [-5]



Climbing 9 [1], Hiking 11 [1], Naturalist 12 [1], Swimming 12 [1], Tracking 12 [1]


Innate Attack (Projectile) 13 [8], Innate Attack (Beam) 11 [1], Staff 11 [4]

Scholarly SKILLS

Archaeology 12 [1], Architecture 13 [1], Astronomy 12 [1], Cartography 13 [1], Literature 12 [1], Mathematics (Applied) 12 [1], Occultism 13 [1], Research 13 [1], Thaumatology 13 [4]


First Aid 14 [1]


Staff (10 sp, 4lb, 1d+2 cr, or 1d cr)
Shoes (40 sp, 2lb)

Total Weight 6 lbs (No Encumberance)


Small Pack (60 sp 3lb)
Rope 3/8” 10yds (5 sp, 1.5 lb)
Tent 1-man (50sp, 5 lb)
Blanket (20 sp, 4 lb)
Bandages (2 sp)
5 Torches (15 sp, 5 lb)
Backpack Weight 18.5 lb

Grand Total Weight 24.5 lb (Light Encumberance)


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