Daire Hilderice

In this post, I develop the third main PC: a thieving partner of Finneas and Riona who agrees to accompany Carys while her brother recovers. My plan for him is to be mostly a thief with just enough fighting skills to not be a liability. Daire is not from The Wash originally, but traveled here with Finneas to help ‘recover’ the figurines. He is younger than Finneas and still in the prime of his life and skill. People like him and he often gets away with things that others never would. He is not a bad guy, and looks out for his friends, but ultimately his goal is riches and he will do almost anything for the right amount.

 Stat Choices

As a thief with modest combat ability, Daire is focused on DX and IQ. I also give him an extra Per and HP to help out.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Flexibility and High Manual Dexterity help out with a variety of thieving tasks, and since no one else has any ‘face’ style skills I give him Charisma to help with Fast-Talk. He may be a hero, but he is still a thief at heart so Greed seems fitting even though it will assuredly cause problems. I had ten points at the end, so I gave him Medium. That gives me some flexibility down the road to add spirit based powers to him if I like. Plus, it keeps him from being ‘generic fantasy thief character 5.’


He will stay lightly armored and use a rapier. Many thief-like skills are penalized for encumberance anyway, so this build makes sense. He gets a bunch of thieving skills and outdoor skills plus a few other useful ones.


Rapiers are expensive, but his armor is low-cost and he doesn’t need a lot of stuff.

Other thoughts

His role is to navigate locks and traps, and help with any other mundane threats. With enough space, he can be an effective combatant as well. He also brings a little social skill to the table, which could be useful. I have a hard time with perks and quirks so they are blank for now. The full(ish) character sheet is below:

Daire Hilderice

Thief Friend

ST 10           HP 11 [2]

DX 13 [60]   Per 13 [5]

IQ 12 [40]    Will 12

HT 10            FP 10

Basic Speed 5.75, Basic Move 5.00


Charisma [5], Flexibility [5], High Manual Dexterity [5], Medium [10]



Greed [-15], Sense of Duty: Companions [-5]



Climbing 16 [2], Hiking 9 [1], Jumping 14 [2], Swimming 11 [2], Tracking 12 [1]


Rapier 14 [4], Brawling 13 [1]


Acrobatics 12 [2], Escape 14 [1], Lockpicking 14 [4], Pickpocket 13 [2], Stealth 14 [4], Traps 13 [4]


Fast-Talk 13 [4], First Aid 12 [1], Merchant 11 [1], Search 13 [2]


Rapier (500 sp, 2.75lb, 1d-1 imp)
Cloth Armor (30 sp, 6 lb, 1 DR)
Leather Leggings (40 sp, 2 lb, 1 DR)
Shoes (40 sp, 2lb)
Lockpicks (50 sp, 0.1 lb)

Total Weight 12.85 lbs (No Encumberance)


Small Pack (60 sp 3lb)
Rope 3/8” 10yds (5 sp, 1.5 lb)
Tent 1-man (50sp, 5 lb)
Blanket (20 sp, 4 lb)
Bandages (2 sp)
5 Torches (15 sp, 5 lb)
Backpack Weight 18.5 lb

Grand Total Weight 31.35 lb (Light Encumberance)


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