Reflection on Session 5

Session 5 was cut a little short and so there was not that much done.

  • The fight with the bandit with the flail went on comically long. In retrospect, Carys should have been feinting more; she could expect to succeed by 5 on average and the bandit would only just succeed.
  • The end of fights typically has the two siblings standing over a fallen foe and stabbing (or bashing) them repeatedly. It is certainly effective, but perhaps not the most heroic look.
  • I didn’t mention it in session, but the siblings are up to three severed hands for their bounty collection.
  • One of the things that isn’t clear in a bounty adventure is, what is the “goal” in the dungeon. Normally that is the target monster or treasure or lore or something. Should I say the goal is just a large group of bandits?
  • Related to that, I am not sure how to judge when this is over. The dungeon could go on and on and there could always be more bandits. Right now I plan to go until the siblings need to leave, and then call it good.
  • This has been a very treasure-rich dungeon. Sometimes the randomness favors you.
  • The bandit with the dagger had no chance, I should have given him a sword or something.
  • It is a little odd at the end, when the level change turns out to be “not what it seemed.” I took it to mean that it was ALSO a lair for enemies, but still a stairs down. Maybe it could have somehow not been a level change, but I could not figure out how that would work.

I am pleased with how things are going, but am always interested in other thoughts. Let me know what you think.


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