Reflection on Session 4

  • I forgot to give Bastian another opportunity at a plot point! I’ll try to make up for it in Session 5.
  • I had less time this week, so the session was a bit shorter and written more quickly.
  • The idea for tattooed hands just kind of came to me when thinking about bandits, so I went with it. Then I made up a name for them. Now I think it might make a good group plot to unravel this organization.
  • I’m not sure if using an adventure as a duty is really appropriate, because it doesn’t really seem like a punishment, more like a reward. I guess the lack of choice is the disadvantage part of it, though.
  • I feel like I have rolled a lot of the DX/Acrobatic/Jumping obstacles, just luck I guess.
  • I wish I had given the dark wolves something special to distinguish them from normal wolves. I wasn’t very creative with the ‘these are bad wolves, uh, like evil, dark wolves. Yeah, dark wolves!’ part. Oh well.
  • I really thought Bastian was going to have a bad time in that swimming obstacle, but he made a lucky roll on swimming to get out. I am not sure that Carys could have saved him. He could have tried to drop equipment, but I guess it is good it didn’t come to that.
  • Oh, I also should have tried to roll a work-around for the last garden obstacle. Maybe I will at the start of Session 5.

Hopefully, you all are still entertained. I have been enjoying this process. I may or may not be able to do another session this week, but I will try to. Thanks for reading!


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