Reflection on Session 3

  • Contrary to last session, which was filled with dead ends, in this session, the dungeon unfolded directly to the goal.
  • There were two instances when I rolled that an encounter was with potential allies. Both were with Demon-kin, which sort of stretched my imagination a little. I ended up with just making them non-hostile.
  • I expected the barbarian fight at the end to be more epic, since he was basically evenly matched with Carys. Really it shows how swingy combat can be in GURPS (and real life).
    • It also shows that, like him, Carys could die suddenly. I have to be careful.
  • Reading the exorcism rules again, I technically should have rolled exorcism twice instead of religious ritual and then exorcism. I still like the way I did it, since Bastian wasn’t really exorcising a sentient spirit per se.
  • I am getting to the point where I feel really comfortable using the system. There is a lot of rolling, but it works pretty well.
  • I used enhanced dodge to represent a displacer beast’s displacement effect. Technically, by lore, it would be more like a penalty to hit, but I didn’t know how to make that happen and enhanced dodge had broadly the same effect.
  • Bastian was very helpful this session, the only thing he really messed up was missing the ward. Carys did her job but did not stand out as much (until her comically quick dispatching of their goal).
  • As I said before, I am not using the dungeon fantasy line because I don’t have it and I wanted to illustrate the game using just Basic and Powers. It makes magical treasures like the knife a bit of a mystery, but I will adapt the basic rules for enchantment to cover it.

As always, any comments are welcome. I feel like the adventure is underway in earnest now and that is exciting to me.


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