Reflection on Session 2

  • Overall, this was a pretty fun session. There was a bit more danger and excitement.
  • I had such bad luck rolling dead ends. Luckily the system has a work around where you find more entrances. I realize now that technically, I could have explored the upstairs ‘dead end’ and hoped it was not what it seemed.
  • It was a mistake having both PCs carry their crossbows and stand together. In the future, I’ll have Carys lead with sword and shield and Bastian back a few yards with the crossbow.
  • Limb armor is the first thing on Carys’ shopping list.
  • There doesn’t seem to be any concrete system for failing an adventure. I guess I could simply leave and look for new leads, but it might be neat to have some consequences for failure like social disadvantages or enemies.
  • In the combat with the ghoul, who has reach C, and Carys who has reach 1 or 2, there was actually a bunch of stepping around which I left out. A clever enemy (not a ghoul) might have been able to corner Carys, but with Bastian there too it would be hard. I just ruled that they managed to have enough space to fight pretty freely and not worry about it.

Hopefully, you enjoyed session 2. Comments or questions are always welcome.


4 thoughts on “Reflection on Session 2”

    1. Of course, I only had the idea because it looked like I was going to fail to find any way back in to the dungeon. Maybe some table like the What’s the Rush? table could be made to create consequences.


      1. Definitely – a table like that, rolled on when you first hear about the adventure, plus another table that you roll on at the end (“What are the Consequences of failure *really*?), just to add some uncertainty, and the possibility of a surprising turn in the story…


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