The Setting

In order to keep myself in suspense, I will only generate regions as needed in play. I will just assume that the PCs have really never left their starting region and don’t know much about the wider world. This will also keep me guessing.

I roll on the starting region tables and get the following results: the region is small, only about 5 days across, semi-civilized with one town. The population is human, and the theme of the region is “oppressed.”

I rolled up Sundered Falls for the town name, which I like a lot. I rolled something like Murlela Wash for the region name, but that seemed a little odd so I just went with The Wash.

So there is some civilization, but not much and it is oppressed. I decide it is a poorly overseen part of some larger state.

Now we are ready to spin a tale: The PCs grew up in a small village in a region that locals call The Wash. The people of the wash are governed by a corrupt sheriff who extorts taxes and generally harasses the populace. He supposedly answers to some lord somewhere, but to everyday people here he is in charge. His office is in the largest town along the river called Sundered Falls. The name is due to a rock formation which juts out of the middle of the river right before a small waterfall, splitting it in two.

I am relatively happy with this, seems like opportunities for adventure and heroism.

I will also roll for the names of my PCs. I already decided that the are brother and sister, so I roll for the shared surname first:  I get a combination of Fate/Wyrd and Chapel. I actually get a bunch of choices, but I pick chapel because I already imagine one of the PCs being a cleric-style guy. I consider Fatechapel, but it seems grandiose so I go for Chapwyrd. That way it is less obviously two words.

Then the sister’s name gets to be one of  Zorion, Phelan, Ignacia, Carys, or Vasilis. I pick Carys as it seems the most feminine. The brother’s name gets to be one of  Yadira, Ozara, Hannelore, Bastian, or Saira. I pick Bastian as it seems the most masculine. 

Bastian and Carys Chapwyrd are brother and sister and are eager for adventure. Now I must create them! But that is another post.


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